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ServiceNow - Workflow E-Mails

Sending an e-mail from a workflow is ServiceNow is very easy. It barely takes any work. What happens when you need to include Request Item variables? Things get ugly. I had to dig around to find out how to do it; then I hoped I could find a better looking way. I didn’t. This is how you normally access a variable on a Request Item from a script: current.variables['variable_name'].getGlideObject().getDisplayValue(); // For the displayed value current.

ServiceNow Record Producer Caveats

I recently ran into a problem when using Record Producers. In the script for the Record Producer I am using the applyTemplate function on the current GlideRecord. The template used varies, which is why I can’t use the template field on the Record Producer. I kept ending up with duplicate task records with the exact same value in the number field. After some tinkering I came to the conclusion that the applyTemplate method causes an insert, and that the Record Producer also does an insert after running the Record Producer script.

ServiceNow - Navigation Handlers

Today I had a need to toy with a default ServiceNow functionality called Navigation Handlers. This is a feature that doesn’t show up at all on the Wiki. The only reference I could find to it was on a ServiceNow Guru article that my predecessor had followed to disable it. Since there is no wiki article on Navigation Handlers I thought I might do a small write up about what I have figured out about them.

ServiceNow - Passing Data

At work we came across an interesting issue when dealing with ServiceNow this week. We are working on implimenting Incident and needed to be able to create a change or a request from the incident. The new record needed to have its parent field set to reference the inicident. Some of the original code does this for requests by redirecting the user to the Service Catalog and setting a parameter in the URL that is meant to will in a field on the form.

Service Now

I recently switched jobs, and at the new company my department makes use of Service Now. I must say, I am impressed with the product. It is sold as an ITIL compatible help desk solution, but it is so much more. You are able to customize nearly every aspect of the system if you wish. Want to rearrange a page? Done. Want a wizard so people enter their issues correctly? Done.