Cloudflare’s free-tier is being used for DNS and does collect some analytics data. The information I have access to is all anonymous. Matomo (formerly Piwik) is being used for analytics, with IP Anonymization enabled and Do Not Track support enabled. Commento is used for comments and discussion. Signing in with Google is one option for commenting. Google will provide your name, email address, and other basic profile information. None of this information will be sold or shared, it is only used to authenticate you and to display some information about you. Your email address is kept private. Your name and profile URL will be visible when you comment.

I collect as little identifiable information about you as I can. I do not have any tracking logic beyond what I highlighted above installed on this site. Signing up for the commenting system will provide me your email address, but I will never sell it or use it to send you marketing information.

The contact form on the site will send me the information you include.

Below you can opt-out of tracking by Matomo on my site if you so choose.