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Article Roundup - Week of Jan 14, 2018

2017 JavaScript Rising Stars This is a breakdown of some of the more popular JavaScript frameworks and tools based on stars on GitHub Introduction to modern network load balancing and proxying This article covers load balancers and proxying in great detail. It is a longer read, but well worth it for the wealth of information it holds. The Death of Microservice Madness in 2018 Microservices have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years, for better or worse.

Article Roundup - Week of Jan 7, 2018

Spectre and Meltdown have been in the news lately, in addition to OS manufacturers browsers are attempting to mitigate the issue. It is actually possible to take advantage of the exploit via JavaScript. What Spectre and Meltdown Mean For WebKit Mitigations landing for new class of timing attack - Firefox I’m harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site. Here’s how. There is a lot of sarcasm in this post, but it is a good thought experiment on security.

Article Roundup - Week of Dec 31, 2017

8 Best Practices for Perfect CSS Documentation Documenting CSS is totally a thing, and it gets more important as the size of your application grows. This article provides some best practices to follow. Don’t do it at runtime. Do it at design time. This article raises an important lesson: Why build your data, or your site for that matter, every time if it will rarely change? Hard-coding values isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Article Roundup - Week of Dec 17, 2017

Speed up Your Node.js App with Native Addons Node’s optimizer can do a lot, but sometimes writing an algorithm in C++ is better for your application. This article provides a quick overview of how to get started with native addons for Node. Everything you need to know about HTTP security headers HTTP headers are not an exciting topic, but this article goes through many of the security headers and explains what they do and why you should use them.

Article Roundup - Week of Dec 10, 2017

How Stripe Designs Beautiful Websites This article goes over some tips and tricks Stripe uses when designing websites. It’s a lot of small things that can make a big difference. Happier HTML5 Form Validation Did you know HTML5 added built-in support for form validation? I was finally able to play around with it a few months ago. It can be quite handy once you understand how it works. The New DDoS Landscape

Article Roundup - Week of Dec 3, 2017

In The Works – Amazon Aurora Serverless I am very excited about this product; it seems perfect for hobby projects. If you’re already paying $5/mo for somewhere to host your application do you really want to use that machine’s resources for your database too? I’ve had to because I don’t want to add another $5-$10/mo just for a database. I expect this will take care of that need very well.

Article Roundup - Week of Nov 26, 2017

VS Code Can Do That? VS Code is an excellent editor, and this site has great tricks I never knew about Technology Trends for 2017 | Technology Radar ThoughtWorks has put out their latest edition of their technology radar. They keep an eye on techniques, tools, platforms, languages and frameworks and have a short write up and a rating on how they expect to see things go. These ratings are based around their usage of them as a company, but they provide an interesting insight.

Article Roundup - Week of Nov 19, 2017

Learn Async/Await by Example If you haven’t yet learned how to use JavaScripts async and await keywords it is worth it. They allow you use to Promises as if they were synchronous, removing a lot of the complexity. A Comprehensive Guide To Web Design This post offers a great run through of web design basics in a way a developer can understand. I wish they would have gone into more detail on color and color schemes but this is a great guide offering a good no-nonsese view of web design.

Article Roundup - Week of Nov 12, 2017

5 React 16 Features You Can’t Live Without This is a nice runthrough of some of the most important updates that came with the latest version of React. The OWASP Top 10 is killing me, and killing you! Security is important in web applications and can have disaterous results, like the Equifax hack. Most of the top 10 issues are carry overs from at least 2013, and that is embarassing.

Bootstrap v4 Responsive Navbars without jQuery

I’ve been using Bootstrap v4 in a project I am working on for a friend. He wants to be able to use the application on a mobile phone. Since I used Bootstrap’s navbar, I was going to need Bootstrap’s collapse javascript code. That code depends upon jQuery, and that is an issue for me. So I decided I would write some code that would perform the same basic function as Bootstraps, but not use jQuery at all.