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Article Roundup - March 13, 2020

Ready for changes with Hexagonal Architecture An internal development group was tasked with building an application that would touch a wide variety of data sources across the entire business. Worse still, they knew their data sources would change. To handle this they developed their application using the layered approach of the Hexagonal Architecture, completely divorcing their business logic and data sources. The business logic knew there was an interface to the data and that was all it needed.

Article Roundup - March 6, 2020

GraphQL In Action: Introduction GraphQL has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years, and some of that for good reason. Instead of pulling down massive models and hierarchies from a REST API you build a GraphQL query that returns to you only exactly what you want. Nothing more, nothing less. When it comes to mobile development that can be a huge benefit. This article is an excerpt from an upcoming book on GraphQL and serves as a great introduction.

Article Roundup - February 28, 2020

Amazon and commercial open source in the cloud: It’s complicated The war between open source and Amazon/Insert Large Cloud Corporation Here is going to continue for a while. This article dives in and provides analysis and references on the different battles of the war and what the risks are. The article wraps up by discussing “The Commons” and relating the ongoing war to an issue generally seen with resources considered part of the Commons.

Article Roundup - February 21, 2020

Best Practices for Secondary Indexes with DynamoDB - CloudProse This is an excellent overview of AWS DynamoDB Secondary Index best practices. There’s not much else I can say; if you use DynamoDB make sure you at least skim this. It’s much easier to digest than AWS’s documentation. Opinion: The unspoken truth about managing geeks This opinion piece is all about managing people in IT. Depending on how you define that you may or may not include developers, but I find the case made in the piece to generally apply.

Article Roundup - February 14, 2020

Supercharge your command line experience: GitHub CLI is now in beta If you work with GitHub and are frequently working in your terminal you may want to take a look at the GitHub CLI tool that is now in beta. It will let you view information about issues and pull requests associated with your repository. From there you can easily open a link to the item in your browser. Microsoft REST API Guidelines

Article Roundup - February 7, 2020

Conference Talk Proposal Examples Speaking at conferences is a great way to help your career, it gets your name out there and helps you learn public speaking. Some companies have internal opportunities to give talks, and those are great for practice but eventually, you’ll need to step up to a larger audience. This article discusses the proposals one speaker has put out and the things they learned along the way.

Article Roundup - January 31, 2020

Clean Code concepts adapted for JavaScript Every example I can remember in Clean Code was in Java. That’s not necessarily an issue, but it doesn’t always translate cleanly to other languages, like JavaScript. That’s what this is. Examples of key concepts from Clean Code, but written in JavaScript. Name the Abstraction, Not the Data How you name things in your code is important; there is even an entire chapter in Clean Code dedicated to it.

Article Roundup - January 24, 2020

No, dynamic type systems are not inherently more open There is a battle between static and dynamic typing in the programming world, and the battle will likely always be there so long as humans write code. I maintain that both dynamic and static types have their place. This article pushes against one particular argument used for why dynamic types are better in systems where types are unknown. Software Architect This is probably one of the most succinct explanations of what a Software Architect does and what they should likely know and understand, This is the role I am currently filling and I foresee myself referring back to this frequently.

Article Roundup - January 17, 2020

From 15,000 database connections to under 100: DigitalOcean’s tale of tech debt Tech debt can be a nasty thing, but when the scale of your application or infrastructure keeps growing that tech debt can turn into a many-headed hydra. DigitalOcean is a developer-focused cloud hosting provider and has been enjoying quite a bit of success, but that success meant their tech debt was getting out of control. Goodbye, Clean Code

Article Roundup - January 3, 2020

Beware SAFe (the Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise), an Unholy Incarnation of Darkness I’ve recently started on a project that is using SAFe, so this was an especially interesting article for me to read. I went through SAFe training last month and am expected to get my certification this month. I can see an understand a lot of the issues the author has run into. I’ve seen some of the same issues, others I’m not so sure about.