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#DeleteFacebook - Videos

#DeleteFacebook is still be going strong, and I have another Greasemonkey script for those who can’t delete their entire Facebook just yet. This time the script handles deleting videos from your video album.

#DeleteFacebook - Albums

#DeleteFacebook is getting a lot of momentum and I would love nothing more than to delete my Facebook. I haven’t really even been using it much lately. It has even started emailing me constantly trying to get me back, almost like an AI hotel in Altered Carbon. Unfortunately, there are a couple apps I use where Facebook is the only login method and I’m not quite ready to give up those apps.

Article Roundup - Week of Mar 11, 2018

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018 StackOverflow’s 2018 developer survey results are out. It’s a lot of data and perusing it was interesting but mostly confirmed things I already suspected Lesser known CSS quirks & advanced tips CSS has a lot of odd edge cases and caveats. This article goes through many of the lesser known ones. The Function Gateway Gloo looks like a really cool gateway if you are using functions or integrating multiple services.

Article Roundup - Week of Mar 04, 2018

The real cause of large DDoS This past week GitHub announced that it was the target of a massive DDoS attack. These kinds of attacks are becoming more and more common. Cloudflare wrote this article that goes into why these kinds of attacks are possible and advocates for solving the problem. How To Speed Up Continuous Integration Build With New NPM CI And package-lock.json There is a new command in NPM that is geared towards improving and speeding up CI builds.

Article Roundup - Week of Feb 25, 2018

JavaScript Pipeline Operator | MDN There is a proposal to add the pipeline operator to JavaScript. The pipeline operator would make functional programming and using multiple functions to modify a value much easier. Instead of double(increment(double(double(5)))) you would be able to use 5 |> double |> double |> increment |> double. Using SSE Instead Of WebSockets For Unidirectional Data Flow Over HTTP/2 Server-sent events are one-way messages sent from the server to the client.

Article Roundup - Week of Feb 18, 2018

Phaser If you’re looking to make in-browser games you might want to take a look at Phaser. It’s a 2D game framework written in JavaScript. We’re nearing the 7.0 Babel release. Here’s all the cool stuff we’ve been doing. A new version of Babel is coming, and you’ll need to make some changes to the packages you install and your configuration to take advantage of it when the time comes.

Article Roundup - Week of Feb 11, 2018

WebAssembly Studio Mozilla created an online IDE for building simple WebAssembly apps in C or Rust. It’s a lot of fun to play around with and worth checking out. Building scalable microservices with gRPC When it comes to microservice architectures people frequently go straight for RESTful APIs and don’t even consider other options, unless they need an event driven architecture. It’s interesting to see something other than RESTful APIs used.

Article Roundup - Week of Feb 04, 2018

Let’s make multi-colored icons with SVG symbols and CSS variables Icon fonts, like Font Awesome, are great but they don’t allow you to have multi-colored icons. To accomplish this you can use SVG symbols. This article is a good walkthrough of how to reuse SVGs without a ton of repeated markup and how to apply colors. How to handle state in React State in React isn’t complicated in and of itself, but there are small gotchas that you need to watch out for.

Article Roundup - Week of Jan 28, 2018

Decouple Business Logic using Async Generators Generators are a newer feature to JavaScript and they can provide you with a lot of power, but they are not for the faint of heart. It takes a bit of a different way of thinking to wrap your head around them. The article walks through using generators for a drag and drop interface. Terraforming 1Password 1Password makes use of AWS and they recently switched from using AWS CloudFormation to using HashiCorp’s Terraform.

Article Roundup - Week of Jan 21, 2018

Asynchronous JavaScript: Async/Await Tutorial Asynchronous JS with async/await is easier to teach than Promises and yields even cleaner looking code. Most modern browsers already have support, but with Babel or another transpiler, you can get up and running quickly. SQL Keys in Depth This is probably more than you ever wanted to know about keys in SQL. The article focuses on PostgreSQL but the information is fairly transferable to other SQL technologies.