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Article Roundup - August 9, 2019

Why We Need To Talk About Burnout In The Tech Industry Burnout seems to be a common thing in the technology industry, but that isn’t healthy. This article includes some things that can be done to combat burnout and what the symptoms are. Managers and contributors alike need to be mindful of these things, but ultimately you need to take care of yourself. Stay healthy. Experts Attempt to Explain DevOps–and Almost Succeed | Linux Journal

Article Roundup - August 2, 2019

Creating a Code Review Culture, Part 1: Organizations and Authors Creating a Code Review Culture, Part 2: Code Reviewers Code review is something I am very passionate about. This article walks through the parts of a culture that fully supports code review to its fullest. I wish I could say I had been involved in a code review culture this thought out, but I can’t. I’ve been involved in teams that have put a strong emphasis on code review and ones where it wasn’t as strong.

Article Roundup - July 26, 2019

The Evolution of Comcast’s Architecture Guild Software architecture can get tricky in a large organization. You could have every team do their own thing, but that makes it hard for people to move around and leaders to keep track of everything and ensure things are built well and are kept secure. You could make a few people decide everything, but they are going to lose track of things and burn out very quickly.

Article Roundup - July 19, 2019

Object-Oriented Programming — The Trillion Dollar Disaster 🤦 This is certainly a divisive article, but it lays out a pretty good argument against Object-Oriented Programming in its current form. I’ve seen many of these same issues in the wild and they can make code bases unworkable for anyone other than their initial creator. It’s a longer article but well work the read. Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator Configuring servers to use SSL can sometimes be a bit of a pain, even if you are using a tool like Certbot and Let’s Encrypt.

Article Roundup - July 12, 2019

UK ISP group names Mozilla ‘Internet Villain’ for supporting ‘DNS-over-HTTPS’ Mozilla is adding DNS over HTTPS to Firefox, and it’s not sitting very well with ISPs in the United Kingdom. DNS over HTTPS provides security around DNS queries, which currently are generally not encrypted at all. Without that encryption, someone can very easily see what websites you are visiting. In the UK ISPs are required by law to do a certain amount of filtering of the internet, and DNS over HTTPS would prevent the easiest way for them to do that.

Article Roundup - June 28, 2019

Firefox Will Give You a Fake Browsing History to Fool Advertisers Tired of all those ads following you around the internet and being super creepy? Give this site a try. It’s a collaboration between mschf internet studios and Mozilla Firefox. It will open a ton of sites making you look like one of a few specific profiles. The Future of Web Development If you look from the outside in, web development is hard and expensive.

Article Roundup - June 21, 2019

Up your Git game and clean up your history If you use git for version control (which you probably do if you are doing any kind of version control) you really should learn to rebase. As long as you are careful and know what you are doing it isn’t necessarily an unsafe operation. This article should be a good introduction for rebasing and is worth a read. Why the Three-Part User Story Template Works So Well

Article Roundup - June 14, 2019

I thought I could live without iMessage — and I was wrong This article isn’t as technical as many are, but I went with it because it is more privacy-focused. It discusses encrypted messaging and where the strong points and weak points are for both iOS and Android and why you should care. Chromium and the browser monoculture problem IE is switching to be built on Chromium, just like so many other browsers.

Article Roundup - June 7, 2019

Assessing Your Options for Real-Time Message Buses Today data busses and event streams are being needed more and more to handle the amount of data applications generate. This article runs through the major options and gives you a brief summary of what they offer. Forget Agile and Kanban, understand what your user wants first I feel like this article is a tad heavy-handed, and the whole “understand what your user wants first” in the title isn’t really touched on as it should be.

Article Roundup - May 31, 2019

Microsoft launches React Native for Windows React Native allows you to build native, or near-native, iOS and Android applications with React. Recently Microsoft has released React Native for Windows, making it possible to develop Windows apps with the same React syntax. As part of this Microsoft is rewriting many components in C++ for maximum performance. Faster script loading with BinaryAST? Have you ever tried to load a website on your phone only to have it look like it was done loading but you still have a white page?