AWS Prescriptive Guidance

AWS, Architecture

Did you know AWS has a library of guides, strategies, and patterns that have been reviewed and can help in a variety of situations? It wasn’t something I heard about until late last year, but the resources are fantastic. Whether you are solutioning for an RFP or getting ready lead your teams through the next quarter’s feature set you should look through the library.

I’m a big supporter of serverless architectures, and with serverless often comes queues (which means AWS SQS in this case). The prescriptive guidance library has a resource titled Efficiently process Amazon SQS messages by using AWS Lambda that takes you through different considerations you need when using SQS and Lambda together. It’s a handy resource to provide to a senior engineer or tech lead on your project.

Not everything in the library is highly technical, for example, AWS Change Acceleration 6-Point Framework and OCM Toolkit. Moving to the cloud can be a massive shift for some organizations and this change acceleration framework lays out steps to help your organization effectively move to the cloud. The entire strategy is very business-focused, but still accessible to technical leaders.

I’ve been able to leverage the library both with my teams as well as while designing solutions for sales endeavors. The prescriptive guidance library should be one of those bookmarks you use before you dig too deep into a new problem. A quick search could save you hours of work. The AWS Prescriptive Guidance library is available on the AWS website, and if you work for an AWS Partner there is a separate library that has some additional resources that may not be fully reviewed yet.