Article Roundup - March 13, 2020

Article Roundup

Ready for changes with Hexagonal Architecture
An internal development group was tasked with building an application that would touch a wide variety of data sources across the entire business. Worse still, they knew their data sources would change. To handle this they developed their application using the layered approach of the Hexagonal Architecture, completely divorcing their business logic and data sources. The business logic knew there was an interface to the data and that was all it needed. When a new data source came along all that was required was building code that implemented the interface and swapping things out.

Firecracker: lightweight virtualization for serverless applications
AWS’s Lambda service started out using VMs and containers, but with the scale AWS operates at that rapidly became a less than ideal situation. That lead them to develop Firecracker. This article summarizes and discusses a research paper that focuses on AWS’s Firecracker VMM.