Article Roundup - August 23, 2019

Article Roundup

Get your work recognized: write a brag document
Have you ever been asked for a list of what all you accomplished in a given time period and drawn a blank? I can barely remember what I did last sprint, let alone 6 months ago. Keep a document that includes what you have done. It can be a short blurb about it, enough for you to fill in later, or it can be a whole explanation of the situation around the work. I’ve also seen it recommended to keep it in the format of what you’d put on a resume, even if some of the things are far too minor for a resume.

What Developers Are: Why an Unprofitable Company Can Have 70% Margins
Do you understand what bucket your company puts your pay in? Is your salary just the cost of doing business and included in the margins? Are you sure? If you work at a technology company and work on the product, that may not be how it works. It’s important to understand how you’re salary affects the business, because that affects what kind of salaries you can justify. Keep in mind this all depends on the business you’re in. If you don’t work at a technology company or if you work for a consulting company things can be a little different.

How Kubernetes works
You know Kubernetes and containers go together, but do you actually know what the pieces of Kubernetes are and how everything relates? This article tries to lay that out for you in a much more consumable format than the Kubernetes documentation. Trust me, I’ve tried that route.