Article Roundup - Week of July 8, 2018

Article Roundup

The State of Developer Ecosystem 2018
JetBrains has recently released their “State of Developer Ecosystem” report. It’s something interesting to look through. The sample size is only around 6000 people, but it is interesting to see the information spread over multiple programming languages.

A minimal guide to ECMAScript Decorators
Decorators are still only a draft and have not been finalized, but they are making their way through the standards process. Explaining them isn’t too hard, but explaining how to use them is a little tricky. This article does better than most I have read.

The best ways to test your serverless applications
Unit testing serverless applications can be a challenge. Running things locally isn’t always easy. Unit tests usually go well enough, the application is just a collection of functions after all. Integration tests start to get tricky. This article runs through testing a serverless application and provides tips on how to accomplish it and what to watch out for.

Defining Component APIs in React
I like that React isn’t a strongly opinionated framework, but that does leave room for you to get yourself into trouble. This article goes through some suggestions about how to build your components and setup your application.