Article Roundup - Week of Jun 17, 2018

Article Roundup

How Git Changed The History of Software Version Control
I remember the days before Git when Subversion was the main VCS. It worked just fine, but Git was so much better. This article goes through the history of version control software. It’s not long, but it provides a nice dose of history.

Using JavaScript modules on the web
JavaScript modules are now supported in all major browsers, that means you may not need a bundler for some smaller applications. It also means your bundles get can smaller for those modern browsers.

This article goes into depth on how to take advantage of native support for JS modules, and when their use may be appropriate.

ml5js · Friendly Machine Learning For The Web.
ml5js is built on top of TensorFlow.js, but with a much simpler interface. If you’re interested in playing with machine learning this might be a good library to look into.

Managing State in React With Unstated
Perhaps you want some state management in your React app, but you really don’t want to go through with adding Redux. Unstated is another, simpler, state management package. If you are building something small it may be worth a look.

Design Challenges & Design Challenge Ideas
Sometimes you want to try out a new framework or language but have no ideas what to build. Sure, you can make a to-do app like everyone else but that isn’t as much fun. This site is geared towards challenging your UI design skills, but there is no reason you can’t make a simplified version of some of the applications.