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Article Roundup - Week of Jun 10, 2018

How to display a “new version available” of your Progressive Web App
Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to easily let your users know when a new version of your web app is available? It’s actually not all that hard. This article provides a run through of what it takes to get the basic of this feature going.

JavaScript Start-up Optimization
Other than downloading, parsing and compiling is one of the slowest steps in getting JavaScript running on a page. This article goes through how to optimize your JavaScript start-up time.

UX Writing: The Case for User-Centric Language
Words matter. If you are sick would you click on a link that says “Find a PA-C” or “Find a Doctor”? Probably the later. That’s what user-centric language is all about. Using what your users would understand instead of the technical jargon or what is exactly correct.

ServiceWorker Cookbook
Mozilla has put out a ServiceWorker cookbook. ServiceWorkers can allow your web application to behave more like a native app, providing caching and offline functionality. I think the layout for the cookbook could be improved, but just look around and you should be able to find the demos and the sample code.