Article Roundup - Week of Oct 22, 2017

Article Roundup

Choosing between names and identifiers in URLs
Do you use permanent ids in URLs or do you use the name of something, even though it can change? This article weights both options and ends up suggesting a hybrid approach in-spite of the possible challenges to the implementation and understanding by users.

Fast By Default: Modern Loading Best Practices
Web pages are far more complex than they used to and making them fast is a complex topic. Addy Osmani doesn’t cover everything, but he covers a few of the most meaningful best practices. His talk focuses on mobile, but can lead to significant improvements on desktop environments.

Microsoft/napajs: Napa.js: a multi-threaded JavaScript runtime
Generally JavaScript is always single threaded. Microsoft created Napa because it needed a performance boost. I haven’t looked at the code, but it looks like an interesting library for some use cases.

Introducing Redux Zero – Matheus Lima – Medium
Redux is a wonderful library that, when used correctly, can greatly benefit your application. One big downside is the complexity and boilerplate code it adds. Redux Zero is similar to Redux, but a lot simpler.

Design Blocks | Froala
This is a library I couldn’t pass up including. Bootstrap already has many components that you can easily drop into your pages. This adds an even larger collection of already built components to use.

6 myths of Progressive Web Apps – Samsung Internet Developers – Medium
“Progressive Web App” (PWA) is a term you’ll find more and more online. This article does a good job of explaining what they are and why they matter.

You need more than one AWS account: AWS bastions and assume-role
This article highlights a methodology used at Coinbase, which is a financial service company, to help them keep their AWS accounts secure and separare.

A Tricky JavaScript Interview Question Asked by Google and Amazon
This is a tiny snippet of code that highlights multiple important concepts in JavaScript.

Node.js Security Overview
This is a quick guide to security where Node.js is concerned that includes how security flaws with Node to be reported and some libraries you can use to secure your application.

Exploding Git Repositories – Kate Murphy
There aren’t many practical applications to this, unless you want to be evil to someone. It does talk a little bit about how git works.

What you need to know about HTTP/2
HTTP/2 is a much needed update to the HTTP protocol. This article is an excellent overview of what HTTP/2 brings to the table.