Article Roundup - Week of 05/15/2017

May 19, 2017 • Article Roundup

Design Better Data Tables
There are small features that can be added to tables of data that make them far easier to use. This article provides a brief visual overview of many of them.

A Brief Overview On Responsive Navigation Patterns
Making navigation menus responsive, and doing it well, is difficult. Here are a few patterns to follow and which ones work best in different cases.

Fluid Responsive Typography With CSS Poly Fluid Sizing
I may have included an article on this topic or one similar before, but it’s worth it to get from multiple sources. Making your font sizes appropriate for the screen they are being viewed on is important, and some of these features are just now gaining support.

Design Guidelines
This site has links to articles and to the design documentation for several major companies. I’d recommended checking out Atlassian and Shopify first.

ASP.NET Core Middleware Components are Singletons
While this article is specifically about ASP.NET Core it should probably be kept in mind with regards to any ASP.NET middleware. Issues like this are why a thorough understanding of your library or framework are so important.

“Why We Didn’t Use A Framework” (Case Study)
I loved this article, it is a great example of why understanding your needs (and your customers) and prototyping ahead of time are so critical when developing a new application. Frameworks can make some things easier, but there is no silver bullet.

Methods for Contrasting Text Against Backgrounds
Contrast is important in design, and background images can make getting that contrast a challenge. This article shows a few methods for achieving that contrast.

Generators: Rick Astley and the Sequence of Fibonacci
Part of ES6 is generators. Old browsers don’t support them and you can’t really polyfill for them, so I haven’t seen them used much just yet. This is a very nice introduction to generators and what they can do.

Asyncing Feeling about JavaScript Generators
This is a more in-depth article about generators, I’d hold off on this article until you’ve read the one above. Even then some of it is tough to wrap your head around.

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