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It's Been A While

Article Roundup - Week of 4/10/2017

Decent looking tooltips in JS are a pain. And when you find them then have heavy libraries as a dependency. Not the case with Tippy!

Sweet Alert 2
Good looking alerts and confirmations, without dependencies, and they are accessible.

Webpack and Rollup: the same but different
Recently Facebook switched React from using webpack to rollup. Rollup is just another bundler, but there was a good reason for the switch. Webpack and Rollup solve different problems.

Grid Garden
If you want to learn the new CSS grid, check this out. It is a game that teaches you the css grid. You use it to grow and maintain a garden.

Which Responsive Design Framework Is Best? Of Course, It Depends.
A nice little comparison of three options: Bootstrap, Foundation, and UI Kit. All three require jQuery and it makes me sad.