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Bootstrap v4 Responsive Navbars without jQuery

I’ve been using Bootstrap v4 in a project I am working on for a friend. He wants to be able to use the application on a mobile phone. Since I used Bootstrap’s navbar, I was going to need Bootstrap’s collapse javascript code. That code depends upon jQuery, and that is an issue for me. So I decided I would write some code that would perform the same basic function as Bootstraps, but not use jQuery at all.

Foundation Instead Of Bootstrap?

There seem to be an increasing number of people throwing rants about overuse of Twitter Bootstrap. This is not one of them, I like Twitter Bootstrap. It is great for people who are not designers and need to put together something that looks decent. It makes putting together a site easy. That said, you can kind of tell when it is used. The buttons are usually a dead giveaway, and customizing it is not for the faint of heart.

Bootstrap Lightbox Update

I took a bit of a break from working on Bootstrap Lightbox. I just needed to get away and be lazy for a while, but I am back. The other week I re-wrote the whole thing again. I’m sure that gets tiring for some, but I had several reasons: I wanted to do a little as necessary as Twitter updates Bootstrap I wanted Bootstrap Lightbox to focus on images I needed more JavaScript practice So, here is what is going on.