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Article Roundup - June 14, 2019

I thought I could live without iMessage — and I was wrong This article isn’t as technical as many are, but I went with it because it is more privacy-focused. It discusses encrypted messaging and where the strong points and weak points are for both iOS and Android and why you should care. Chromium and the browser monoculture problem IE is switching to be built on Chromium, just like so many other browsers.

Article Roundup - June 7, 2019

Assessing Your Options for Real-Time Message Buses Today data busses and event streams are being needed more and more to handle the amount of data applications generate. This article runs through the major options and gives you a brief summary of what they offer. Forget Agile and Kanban, understand what your user wants first I feel like this article is a tad heavy-handed, and the whole “understand what your user wants first” in the title isn’t really touched on as it should be.

Article Roundup - May 31, 2019

Microsoft launches React Native for Windows React Native allows you to build native, or near-native, iOS and Android applications with React. Recently Microsoft has released React Native for Windows, making it possible to develop Windows apps with the same React syntax. As part of this Microsoft is rewriting many components in C++ for maximum performance. Faster script loading with BinaryAST? Have you ever tried to load a website on your phone only to have it look like it was done loading but you still have a white page?

Article Roundup - May 24, 2019

Trans-inclusive Design You hopefully remembered timezones when building your application, you may have even remembered to support more than two names, but did you take into account transgender and non-binary gender users? There more to it than just adding options to the “gender” dropdown, way more. This article provides an excellent overview, of what you should be doing to be trans-inclusive. Also, while the title says “design” it is more of a functionality and information architecture type of design.

Article Roundup - May 17, 2019

Announcing Microsoft Web Template Studio Microsoft has announced a new extension for Visual Studio Code called Web Template Studio. It’s still in very early development and currently only supports Express.js and React.js full-stack web apps, but there are plans for a lot more. It provides a simple wizard-style interface and allows you to generate your initial project. It looks like an interesting extension that will make things easier for many developers, but I expect to hear a lot of people complain that it seems too much like Visual Studio.

Article Roundup - May 10, 2019

Microsoft has some great resources around software architectures and modern application architecture. I found these when looking for a good architecture reference and had to share them. Not quite what I needed, but still a valuable resource. .NET Application Architecture Guides Azure Application Architecture Guide | Microsoft Docs .NET Microservices. Architecture for Containerized .NET Applications Microsoft Application Architecture Guide, 2nd Edition Comparing JVM alternatives to JavaScript People frequently comment on the number of build tools used with modern JavaScript, and they have a point.

Article Roundup - May 3, 2019

Tinder’s move to Kubernetes If you are interested in Kubernetes or running applications using containers this article is worth a read. Tinder has moved to use Kubernetes instead of plain EC2 instances but ran into some significant hurdles along the way. How healthy is the internet? Mozilla has put out an “Internet Health Report” that has a collection of articles and research around various topics related to the internet and technology today.

Connascence - The Language You Have Been Needing in Code Review

Today I was attending Indy.Code() and I attended a single talk that I think will make the entire time at the conference worthwhile. The talk was A Physics of Software Design given by David Greg of the Kenzie Academy. The talk was about connascence, and I wish I had seen a talk like this years ago. Wikipedia says: Connascence is a software quality metric invented by Meilir Page-Jones to allow reasoning about the complexity caused by dependency relationships in object-oriented design much like coupling did for structured design.

Article Roundup - April 19, 2019

Why software projects take longer than you think – a statistical model Estimating software projects is hard and the bigger they get the harder it gets. Ever notice that the sum of your estimates is usually wrong? In this article, the author talks about some ideas they have had about project estimation and walks through some statistics around it. Avoiding Double Payments in a Distributed Payments System It’s important to not double charge your customers.

Article Roundup - April 12, 2019

Naming Conventions Do’s and Don’ts Your class, function, and variable names matter. If you have read Clean Code, Pragmatic Programmer, or a host of other books you should already know that. This article focuses on JavaScript, but the concepts are universal. Some of the rules may or may not apply to the standards for other languages, but the concepts will mostly hold true. Organizations that Work on Fewer Projects at a Time Get More Done