blanket.js is a simple code coverage library for javascript. Designed to be easy to install and use, for both browser and nodejs.
Resources for the DMI AWS Bootcamp
Test all the CloudFormation things! (with TaskCat)
Python library to compile, build & package AWS Lambda functions for several runtimes & framework
AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) is an open-source framework for building serverless applications
Connect PHP applications with the Bigcommerce Platform
The #1 free and open source CDN built to make life easier for developers.
frontend package manager and build tool for modular web applications
Ruby gem for phone validation and formatting using google libphonenumber library data
a postgres plugin for dokku
API Documentation Browser
Build blazing fast, modern apps and websites with React
A simple express based admin middleware for sequelizejs
A habit tracker app which treats your goals like a Role Playing Game.
Shared resources useful for multiple HabitRPG repositories. Assets (sprites, imgs, etc), CSS, algorithms, and more.
The official Heroku buildpack for Node.js apps.
Ruby gem for phone validation using google libphonenumber library data
A reCATPCHA bundle for the Laravel framework.
A simple lightbox plugin based on the bootstrap modal plugin.
Grunt plugin for executing shell commands.
A simple PHP Redmine API client, Object Oriented
Knex Documentation Builder
Napa.js: a multi-threaded JavaScript runtime
Dependency free publish/subscribe for JavaScript
A redmine plugin to send email when a new issue is created
A CMS for Static Site Generators
Premium Queue package for handling distributed jobs and messages in NodeJS.
App layout elements
Language Server for Yaml Files
🗣️ Simple self-hosted node app for Disqus-like drop-in commenting on static websites
The hassle-free way to integrate analytics into any web application.
Serverless Framework – Build web, mobile and IoT applications with serverless architectures using AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google CloudFunctions & more! –
Serverless Google Cloud Functions Plugin – Adds Google Cloud Functions support to the Serverless Framework
A simple, beautiful, and embeddable JavaScript Markdown editor. Delightful editing for beginners and experts alike. Features built-in autosaving and spell checking.
Sumo Logic JavaScript SDK for Logging
👩🏻‍💻 Browse and Search Posts from Command Line
5th Edition SRD in Markdown