Article Roundup - April 17, 2020

April 17, 2020 • Article Roundup

My favourite Git commit
It’s worth it to put some effort into git commit messages, especially when the change is truly consequential. This article shows off an amazing git commit message that is for a single character change. Without the message, you would never have been able to understand why this one change was ever occurring and the consequences it has. It’s a master class on git commit messages.

What’s new in ECMAScript 2020 | pawelgrzybek.com
ES2020 is on its way, here is a rundown of the main new features.

What the heck is Backstage anyway?
Recently Spotify open-sourced a version of their in-house developer portal tool. It’s meant to pull together everything their developers need to work with daily: alerting, pull requests, internal documentation, and more. It looks like an excellent tool once everything is built and something I would love to take advantage of, but I’m sure the road to a good setup is a long one.

GitHub Made All its Core Features Free for Everyone - Here’s Why You Should Care
GitHub has been making a lot of changes recently with their paid plans and what is free vs paid. Now GitHub has opened up teams with a lot more free access! This puts GitHub nearly on par with what GitLab offers. I think it is also comparable to BitBucket now. GitHub is well worth a look for small teams now.

Pass the AWS Developer Associate Exam With This Free 16-Hour Course
freeCodeCamp has been working on putting out free video courses for AWS certification exams, and they just released one for the Developer Associate exam. I can’t vouch for the quality of the courses but I’d say they are well worth a look!