Article Roundup - November 22, 2019

Article Roundup

The Relationship Between Modularity and Polymorphism
How much of your Object-Oriented theory do you remember? I don’t generally remember much of it and this article was a great refresher. It may have even gone into more detail than my OOP course in college did. OOP isn’t always important for everyone, but I know a couple of companies that are big on Clean Code and I’m sure they are at least starting to push Bob Martin’s Clean Architecture.

JavaScript Type Checkers are More than Linters
Sometimes not having types in JavaScript is to your advantage. You can build things quickly and flexibly, but once your codebase gets to a certain size that flexibility because more of a hindrance. That’s were static type checkers for JavaScript like Flow or languages like TypeScript get beneficial. This article dives into adding Flow to an existing code base the right way.