Article Roundup - September 27, 2019

September 27, 2019 • Article Roundup

Decoupling Technical Code from Business Logic with Hexagonal Architecture
When building an application you want to try and keep your business logic easy to maintain. If your business logic is strewn throughout your entire application you’re going to run into trouble when finance wants that new practice implemented. This article discusses the hexagonal architecture, also called the ports and adapters architecture. Its entire purpose is to keep business logic separated from the rest of the application, allowing you to switch out APIs, storage, and other services without impacting your business logic.

Best Practices for Event-Driven Microservice Architecture
The event-driven architecture is a popular choice for microservices and serverless applications. This article discusses why you may want to consider an event-driven microservice architecture instead of a RESTful approach to service communication. The article also goes into what the downsides are and what additional technologies you will need to make use of.

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