Article Roundup - September 13, 2019

Article Roundup

Jakarta EE 8: The new era of Java EE explained - Red Hat Developer
I’ve always been a bit fuzzy on the alphabet soup that is Java, but I’m finally starting to get that all sorted out in my head. Java EE, now Jakarta EE, has gone open source. Jakarta EE 8 is a set of specifications extending Java SE, another set of specifications. With this change, some licensing issues are being cleared up and Java is working to positional itself for the cloud.

How to build an adaptive learning system
Have you ever been going through an online course or training and gotten frustrated because you knew all the material being covered? That’s one thing an adaptive learning system can help with. As you demonstrate knowledge in a given area the system moves on to other topics. These learning systems are becoming more and more popular for digital learning, but they also have uses with things like testing. Years ago I took a couple CompTIA certification exams that used similar technology. As I did better at questions in one category I continually got harder questions until I passed that category. If I did poorly on a section I would keep getting questions on that topic.

Project budgeting: an anti-pattern
If you’re fixing the scope of your agile project before you even start then you have missed the point and are in conflict with the Agile Manifesto. “Customer collaboration over contract negotiation. Responding to change over following a plan”. This article provides a couple of tips on how to get that project started when leadership wants it all planned ahead and how to handle changes as the project progresses.