Article Roundup - August 16, 2019

Article Roundup

Two Good Practices Agile Says You Don’t Need - DZone Agile
There isn’t much consistency in Agile, just the principals. Beyond that, it is the wild west. That’s part of the strength of it but also part of the weakness, it leads to a lot of misunderstandings. I’ve never seen Agile done the same way twice. This article focuses on two things that many people involved with Agile say you don’t need or shouldn’t have: specialists and initial planning. Sure, you can go without but that doesn’t mean it is a great idea.

Comparing Postgres JSONB with NoSQL
Postgres has support for storing JSON data and being able to query it, thanks to the JSONB and JSON column types. This can be very useful in many applications, it can reduce the number of tables you use and lead to a reduction in JOIN operations. But it is important to remember: Postgres is not a NoSQL database and isn’t right for all use cases.

Please, everyone, put your entire development environment in Github
VS Code has support for a feature called “dev containers”. It allows you to define what your development environment looks like and then to commit those configurations and include them with your project. When done correctly this could lead to the end of “I can’t get the project running on my machine”. While the extension shown here is specific to VS Code you should be able to use the Dockerfile and get the containerized environment running without using VS Code.