Article Roundup - August 9, 2019

August 09, 2019 • Article Roundup

Why We Need To Talk About Burnout In The Tech Industry
Burnout seems to be a common thing in the technology industry, but that isn’t healthy. This article includes some things that can be done to combat burnout and what the symptoms are. Managers and contributors alike need to be mindful of these things, but ultimately you need to take care of yourself. Stay healthy.

Experts Attempt to Explain DevOps—and Almost Succeed | Linux Journal
The term “DevOps” has been thrown around a lot in recent years, and it doesn’t look like it will be going away soon. In the article, the author is trying to get to the bottom of what DevOps actually means, and he does in a theoretical fashion. In my experience, it’s hardly the reality, but that is a different article altogether.

The Ethics of Web Performance - Web Performance Consulting
The author of this article makes a compelling argument that websites that perform poorly are unethical and are exclusionary by nature. The author’s work focuses on web performance, so they do have a lot of skin in this game but I think there is still a fair argument made. Websites that perform poorly on slower network connections or on less powerful devices by the very nature of their performance exclude those people from using them. Granted, people don’t set out to design a site that performs poorly. It’s something that happens due to a lack of awareness or a lack of focus on performance. It’s something we can all improve on and be more inclusive about.

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