Article Roundup - August 2, 2019

August 02, 2019 • Article Roundup

Creating a Code Review Culture, Part 1: Organizations and Authors
Creating a Code Review Culture, Part 2: Code Reviewers
Code review is something I am very passionate about. This article walks through the parts of a culture that fully supports code review to its fullest. I wish I could say I had been involved in a code review culture this thought out, but I can’t. I’ve been involved in teams that have put a strong emphasis on code review and ones where it wasn’t as strong. I’ve even strong-armed my way through forcing thorough code review on people. All that to say, the culture of code review laid out in this series sounds excellent to me and I think it will be something I will aspire to build or be a part of at some point in my career.

How to build a generative engineering culture
A generative culture is one where engineers can focus not only on the problems managers give them, but also pursue general betterment of their projects. It’s the kind of culture companies like Google or Netflix like to boast about. The thing is managers can’t just declare you have a generative culture and then everything changes and is great. It takes work across the company, or department, to make it work. From senior leadership, through product mangers, down to engineering managers, and engineers themselves. If you can make it work you should expect things to stop falling through the cracks and the things that should get done at some point will start happening.

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