Up your Git game and clean up your history
If you use git for version control (which you probably do if you are doing any kind of version control) you really should learn to rebase. As long as you are careful and know what you are doing it isn’t necessarily an unsafe operation. This article should be a good introduction for rebasing and is worth a read.

Why the Three-Part User Story Template Works So Well
It’s likely you’ve seen the three-part user story template, the “As a scrum master, I want this format followed, because reasons”. It’s very common and can work well as long as you use it correctly and think about what you are writing. In this article, Mike Cohn discusses the template, why he thinks it works so well, and what he sees people doing wrong.

Try the new System.Text.Json APIs | .NET Blog
.NET Core 3.0 is adding good native support for JSON. Finally.