Article Roundup - June 14, 2019

Article Roundup

I thought I could live without iMessage — and I was wrong
This article isn’t as technical as many are, but I went with it because it is more privacy-focused. It discusses encrypted messaging and where the strong points and weak points are for both iOS and Android and why you should care.

Chromium and the browser monoculture problem
IE is switching to be built on Chromium, just like so many other browsers. For the most part that leaves Firefox and Safari as the outliers, and Safari is far behind on the standards. This is a longer article that goes through the problem of the browser monoculture and “the problem” of the monoculture. It’s well worth a read.

Simplifying event-driven architectures with the latest updates to Event Grid
Event-driven architectures are becoming more and more important for many applications. Recently Microsoft Azure has added features to their Event Grid service to better serve these architectures. I haven’t used Event Grid, but this update seems to focus on expanding the capacity that it can handle and to allow better management of events.