Article Roundup - May 24, 2019

May 24, 2019 • Article Roundup

Trans-inclusive Design
You hopefully remembered timezones when building your application, you may have even remembered to support more than two names, but did you take into account transgender and non-binary gender users? There more to it than just adding options to the “gender” dropdown, way more. This article provides an excellent overview, of what you should be doing to be trans-inclusive. Also, while the title says “design” it is more of a functionality and information architecture type of design.

Introducing Windows Terminal
This happened a couple of weeks ago, but Microsoft released a new application for using the command line in Windows called Windows Terminal. It lets you use the old Comand Prompt, Powershell, and WSL terminals all from a single window. With tabs! Near the top of the article is a YouTube video and I have to admit, it’s pretty sexy. Oh, it’s also open source!

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