Article Roundup - April 12, 2019

April 12, 2019 • Article Roundup

Naming Conventions Do’s and Don’ts
Your class, function, and variable names matter. If you have read Clean Code, Pragmatic Programmer, or a host of other books you should already know that. This article focuses on JavaScript, but the concepts are universal. Some of the rules may or may not apply to the standards for other languages, but the concepts will mostly hold true.

Organizations that Work on Fewer Projects at a Time Get More Done
The more you work on the longer it takes to get everything done. It’s an intuitive idea but it seems to get ignored. Whether it is because someone can’t, or more likely won’t, say “no” or because priorities aren’t being set clearly people seem to end up trying to do too much. Mike Cohn, one of the inventors of the Scrum methodology, has noticed a pattern. Listen to Mike. Work on less so you can do more.

Native image lazy-loading for the web!
Work is underway to add a “loading” attribute to the HTML img and iframe tags. This new attribute will allow you to control if the resource should be lazily loaded later or eagerly loaded. Work is currently underway to add this attribute to the spec, but Chrome is already adding in support.

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