Article Roundup - March 1, 2019

Article Roundup

Ride the Serverless Wave with DigitalOcean’s One-click Droplet
Do you want to take advantage of serverless technology but not deal with being locked into Amazon’s or Azure’s particular way of doing serverless functions? You could always try OpenFaaS, just deploy a Docker container on your platform of choice and you are good to go. It may not be managed for you, but you get the flexibility you want. This article focuses on DigitalOcean, but you can run Docker contains just about anywhere these days. The link above is my referral link for DigitalOcean, but it will give you a $100 credit to get you started. With how inexpensive many of their services are, that will last you a long time.

Being a Great Engineering Mentor
Whether you’re a manager or a senior engineer you will likely end up mentoring someone in one capacity or another. What exactly that entails will vary from organization to team to situation, but this article provides a good set of suggestions to consider who you need to be for your mentee to have the greatest impact.

Why I’ve stopped exporting defaults from my JavaScript modules
I used to be a fan of the default exports for JavaScript modules, but I have since changed my ways. Default exports don’t work well with linters and IDEs and they just lead to bugs. This article provides some background on JavaScript exports and why default exports tend to cause problems.

How To: Use SNS and SQS to Distribute and Throttle Events
Event-based architectures are a great way to handle large quantities of data. This article is a how-to on using AWS SNS and a few AWS SQS queues to take a stream of events and split them off with one copy being saved to a database and another being sent to a 3rd-party service, all while limiting the throughput to keep from hitting either target service too hard.