Article Roundup - February 8, 2019

Article Roundup

How to Rewrite Your Bedrock Application While Remaining Operational
It’s tough to get buy-in that your whole application needs to be scrapped and rewritten. Instead, maybe keeping it running while slowly changing out the guts is a better option. This article talks about how Chargify changed the wheels on the bus but kept it moving.

Why Do Leaders Treat Programmers Like Children?
Most developers have had one of those days where they get fed up with the managers on their project. Are they trying to kill this project? Why don’t they just stop wasting my time? This video talks about some of those issues, along with a few others. I recommend setting the speed at 1.5x

A guide to HTTP security headers for better web browser security
This doesn’t cover all of the HTTP security headers, but it runs through some of the more common ones that should definitely be implemented on modern sites and applications. If you want to perform an analysis of the HTTP headers on your site you might want to consider using securityheaders.com.