Article Roundup - January 18, 2019

January 18, 2019 • Article Roundup

Mother of All Breaches Exposes 773 Million Emails, 21 Million Passwords
There has been a large dump of email addresses and passwords and there are reported to be even more available from a seller. You may want to use your password manager to scan for exposed passwords and check Have I Been Pwned.

Here is the original post about the breach

Beyond console.log()
I didn’t think I would include this article when I went to read it, but there is probably a lot about the JavaScript console object you don’t know. This article runs through a lot of the more specialized features. Specialized features like tables and styling.

Here is a link to the browser compatibility table on MDN

Scylla Open Source 3.0 Product Overview
Scylla is an open source NoSQL database that is a drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra but offers significant performance gains. I haven’t used Scylla or Cassandra, but I have heard Cassandra’s praises sung. It has a very SQL-like syntax, which seems odd for a NoSQL database, but it appears great at what it does.

MongoDB “open-source” Server Side Public License rejected
I mentioned last week MongoDB’s new license that was an attempt to keep companies like AWS from using their software, wrapping automation around it, and not giving anything back. That isn’t going very well for MongoDB right now. Their SSPL license has been rejected as an Open-Source License by OSI and Debian and Fedora have both dropped MongoDB from their distributions.

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