Article Roundup - December 14, 2018

December 14, 2018 • Article Roundup

Managing Kubernetes Just Got a Lot Simpler
Another cloud provider has entered the managed Kubernetes cluster arena. DigitalOcean opened their service this past week for limited availability. I took a look at it and they did not add much of an interface to manage the cluster, only to add and scale nodes. It depends heavily on the Kubernetes CLI tool.

Announcing Open Source of WPF, Windows Forms, and WinUI at Microsoft Connect(); 2018
Microsoft is continuing to push ahead with its open-source initiative by open-sourcing WPF, Windows Forms, and Windows UI XAML Library. Support is added in .NET Core 3.0.

The crusade against open-source abuse
This is an article about software licenses, but it isn’t as dull as it sounds. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other cloud providers take a lot of open source software and sell it as a service by adding interfaces and automation around it. Many see that as a problem for the open-source community and are seeking to address it.

The Forgotten History of OOP
I’m going to need to read this article again. It covers the origins of Object-Oriented Programming and it’s history in great detail.

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