Article Roundup - November 30, 2018

November 30, 2018 • Article Roundup

Cloud Diagrams & Notes
This site has a cool collection of graphics and cheat sheets for different aspects of Amazon AWS. A lot of them look good enough to get them printed and hung up in an office.

Letting Go
Throughout a career, if you shift into positions with any leadership aspects, there is a shift that happens. It’s not just your work that matters. It’s the work of everyone around you that also starts to matter more. It’s a transition I’ve seen as I’ve progressed and I’m not even a manager. This article talks about one guy’s transition to management.

Feedback for Engineers
Giving and receiving feedback can be hard. This is a 3-part series that talks about giving, receiving, and encouraging feedback. Its examples and references are meant for more technical people, but there isn’t anything inherently specific to engineers here.

Prisma - Database tools for modern developers
Prisma an abstraction layer that turns your database into a GraphQL API. It requires you to have a Prisma server running, but allows you to easily interact with your database. One cool thing about Prisma is that so long as your data model doesn’t change you can point Prisma to an entirely different database technology and things will continue to work. Prisma currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, and MongoDB. Support for Elasticsearch, Neo4j, Cassandra, and Amazon DynamoDB is planned or in the works.

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