Article Roundup - November 16, 2018

November 16, 2018 • Article Roundup

Simple Git Rebases
I’m tooting my own horn here, but this is an article I wrote that I felt was especially helpful. Git rebases get a very bad wrap, but that is understandable with how destructive they can be if you don’t follow the rules. The important thing to remember is you can rebase your commits to your heart’s content if they have never been sent to your repository. In this article, I talk a bit about my use case, how I kept things straight, and all the steps I went through.

I’ve been working with GitHub’s GraphQL API recently and it isn’t hard to use, but things can get messy. We have at least 20 functions, most with the same or nearly identical boilerplate calling one function to actually make the request. I’m not completely sold on this library, but it looks like it has a lot more promise than other GraphQL clients I have seen.

33 JS Concepts
When you start digging into JavaScript there are some complex concepts, just like most programming languages. Closures come up in interviews all the time, but how familiar are you with JS’s call stack and event loop? This GitHub repo can help provide you with some resources to expand what you know.

Announcing Cloud Scheduler: a modern, managed cron service for automated batch jobs | Google Cloud Blog
Google has come out with a managed cron service for running scheduled tasks in the cloud. This is a common need and many of the current solutions aren’t very reliable. I’ll be interested to see how this service does.

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