Article Roundup - November 02, 2018

November 02, 2018 • Article Roundup

The Illustrated TLS Connection: Every Byte Explained
Have you ever wanted to really understand TLS? I mean really understand it? TLS is used to secure connections on the web, so at least some understand can be very useful. This page has a detailed but easy to understand walkthrough of TLS 1.2.

GitHub Actions
GitHub announced Actions at GitHub Universe the other week. They seek to be an easy way to automate workflows on GitHub. This adds CI/CD features that both BitBucket and GitLab have had for some time. It is currently in beta and the pricing model has yet to be determined.

Rethinking Unit Test Assertions
While the article is ultimately someone encouraging a library they created, it still offers interesting suggestions for writing unit tests.

PostgreSQL: The Versatile INSERT
The SQL INSERT statement can be extremely flexible when combined with other calls. This article focuses on PostgreSQL, but I imagine many of these techniques could be used with other databases.

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