Article Roundup - August 10, 2018

August 10, 2018 • Article Roundup

How we scaled nginx and saved the world 54 years every day
Cloudflare handles a large chunk of internet traffic between DNS and CDN features. Cloudflare makes use of nginx but doesn’t fit nginx’s primary use case. A new feature was in upstream nginx that looked like it could provide a significant performance boost, but instead, it had minimal impact for Cloudflare. When they dug deeper they were able to make small changes that provided a significant boost. This article gets into lower-level file management, but it an interesting read.

Announcing Dart 2 Stable and the Dart Web Platform
Google has released the 2nd version of their Dart programming language. Flutter, their alternative to React Native and similar platforms, seems to be a major driver of this version. A web platform for Dart has also been released. Dart is used extensively inside Google, it should be interesting to see if it picks up any momentum this time around.

11 Painful Git Interview Questions You Will Cry On
How well do you really understand Git? Give this a read and see how you do.

Enterprise vs. Consumer Hard Drives: 2018 Hard Drive Performance Review
Backblaze has put out their most updated hard drive stats. Scroll down near the bottom for the stats from 2013 until now.

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