Article Roundup - Week of July 1, 2018

Article Roundup

Don’t Use The Placeholder Attribute
This article makes a strong case as to why the placeholder attribute added to input elements in HTML5 should not be used. Most of the reasons revolve around user experience and accessibility.

UI Goodies
UI Goodies is a directory of design and frontend resources. I’ve not gone through everything, but I haven’t found any that I wish they had and don’t.

One tool for MS SQL, another for MySQL, yet another for PostgreSQL. Why bother?! Usql is a command line tool for many databases. I haven’t used it yet, but it looks promising.

What’s New in ES2018
ES2018 has many new and exciting features. My favorites revolve around promises and async/await. This article runs through the major new features.

Understanding the Almighty Reducer
The Array.reduce function in JavaScript can be surprisingly useful when you remember it. If you have a collection of values and need to reduce them down to a single result it might be just what you need. This article explains the reduce function and some use cases for it.