Article Roundup - Week of Apr 29, 2018

Article Roundup

Mario Kart: CSS
This is just plain cool. It’s an article about creating a MarioKart-like interface, that is interactive, with just CSS.

Designing very large (JavaScript) applications
This article is more or less a transcript of a talk that was given at JSConf Australia by Malte Ubl, from Google. It goes through a lot of the decisions he’s made when designing very large JS applications.

Build Consensus on Agile Teams: 4 Easy Ways
This article goes through four different decision-making methods for teams. These techniques can be applied easily to an agile development team, or to decide where to go for vacation.

JavaScript Zero: real JavaScript, and zero side-channel attacks
This article goes through a paper published recently that walks about specific attack vectors present in JavaScript, how they can be exploited, and how to prevent those exploits. The paper authors are proposing a JavaScript permissions model and have created a Google Chrome extension as a proof-of-concept.

Somebody Tried to Hide a Backdoor in a Popular JavaScript npm Package
Several packages were just removed from NPM due to the packages containing code meant to act as a backdoor to applications using them. This isn’t the first time this has happened with NPM, but as before the NPM team acted quickly to mitigate the risk by removing packages, removing versions, and banning users. It should be noted this isn’t a unique problem with NPM. It has happened before on PyPi and can occur with just about any package repository.

More accessible markup with display: contents
contents is a newer value for the css display property that can help you add more semantic meaning to your HTML and provide better accessibility for screen readers. Browser support isn’t entirely there yet, but it should be coming along soon enough.