#DeleteFacebook - Albums

Facebook, Greasemonkey

#DeleteFacebook is getting a lot of momentum and I would love nothing more than to delete my Facebook. I haven’t really even been using it much lately. It has even started emailing me constantly trying to get me back, almost like an AI hotel in Altered Carbon. Unfortunately, there are a couple apps I use where Facebook is the only login method and I’m not quite ready to give up those apps.

So, I’ve decided to delete just about everything I can off Facebook. I never liked things much, so removing Likes wasn’t bad. Removing the Ad Interests was a little more time intensive, but good for laughs. Apparently, I have a keen interest in pockets because I use Pocket.

Removing albums was a bit more of a pain, especially with how you have to scroll to sometimes get to an album you can delete. I ended up making a Greasemonkey script to take care of things for me. You’ll probably want to download a copy of your information before you do this, but here is the script I made. Just install Greasemonkey and install the script then go to your photo albums page leave that tab open. It will handle the rest.

I can’t guarantee this script won’t be broken by Facebook, so use it while it lasts. If I make any more scripts for doing cleanup I’ll be sure to post those too.