Article Roundup - Week of Mar 25, 2018

March 30, 2018 • Article Roundup

A blockchain in 200 lines of code
The idea behind blockchains isn’t that complicated. I like to think of it has a verifiable linked list. This article goes through a simple blockchain built in 200 lines of JavaScript.

Application State Management Strategies with React
This article goes into how to use the State Design Pattern with React. It provides nice examples showing the theory and a final example built in React.

Smaller Lodash bundles with Webpack and Babel
Lodash is great, but it isn’t a small library. To get all the functions you are looking at something around 500KB. If you import functions on an as-needed basis you can get much smaller bundles for your application.

ACME v2 and Wildcard Certificate Support is Live
Let’s Encrypt has released Wildcard certificate support! Let’s Encrypt provides free certificates to support HTTPS adoption. Until now you needed to list each subdomain you planned to use when generating your certificate.

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