Article Roundup - Week of Mar 04, 2018

Article Roundup

The real cause of large DDoS
This past week GitHub announced that it was the target of a massive DDoS attack. These kinds of attacks are becoming more and more common. Cloudflare wrote this article that goes into why these kinds of attacks are possible and advocates for solving the problem.

How To Speed Up Continuous Integration Build With New NPM CI And package-lock.json
There is a new command in NPM that is geared towards improving and speeding up CI builds. This article provides an overview of the feature and how it works in certain situations.

Building large scale react applications in a monorepo
Sometimes having 20 different repos doesn’t make sense and storing those packages all in the same repo will work out better. This article goes through some of the reasons for a monorepo and provides an overview of some of the tools and resources available. While it may say it is for react you can apply these concepts elsewhere as well.

How We Adopted CSS Grid at Scale
The CSS grid spec is supported by most modern browsers, but there are more than just modern browsers out there. The article goes into one way to use the css grid now and still handle things for your visitors with older browsers.