Article Roundup - Week of Feb 25, 2018

Article Roundup

JavaScript Pipeline Operator | MDN
There is a proposal to add the pipeline operator to JavaScript. The pipeline operator would make functional programming and using multiple functions to modify a value much easier. Instead of double(increment(double(double(5)))) you would be able to use 5 |> double |> double |> increment |> double.

Using SSE Instead Of WebSockets For Unidirectional Data Flow Over HTTP/2
Server-sent events are one-way messages sent from the server to the client. I’m interested to watch server-sent events develop, I’m especially interested to see how people handle fault tolerance and scaling on the server.

Fontend Case Studies
This is a repo that has links to talks and articles about real-world frontend application case studies.

Optional Chaining may be coming to JavaScript
There is a proposal to add optional chaining to JavaScript, following the syntax used in C#. Instead of myObj && myObj.prop1 && myObj.prop1.subprop you would be able to achieve the same thing with myObj?.prop1?.subprop. It’s an early stage proposal, but I expect Babel will have support for it before long.

This is a tool that will scan your git repo, including history, looking for values that should have been kept secret.