Article Roundup - Week of Feb 04, 2018

Article Roundup

Let’s make multi-colored icons with SVG symbols and CSS variables
Icon fonts, like Font Awesome, are great but they don’t allow you to have multi-colored icons. To accomplish this you can use SVG symbols. This article is a good walkthrough of how to reuse SVGs without a ton of repeated markup and how to apply colors.

How to handle state in React
State in React isn’t complicated in and of itself, but there are small gotchas that you need to watch out for. This article goes through many of those as well as gives you tips about using state.

AWS Lambda Supports C# (.NET Core 2.0)
AWS Lambda now supports C# via .NET Core 2.0. I’ll be interested to see if it suffers from the same startup and memory issues that Java does.

An Embeddable NoSQL Database Engine
You may know about SQLite, an embeddable RDBMS. It’s time to welcome UnQLite, an embeddable NoSQL DB engine.

The building blocks of Web Workers + 5 cases when you should use them
Web Workers expand the possibilities with applications giving you more threads and letting you ensure you don’t interrupt the UI with certain operations. This article provides an overview and some example use cases.

webpack 4 beta - try it today!
It seems like not long ago webpack 3 hit the scene. Brace yourself, webpack 4 is coming.

The Twelve-Factor App
This is a manifesto of sorts detailing how the author feels modern web apps should be built. I need to go through it a few more times, but I haven’t found anything I really disagree with yet.

This NES ROM is a ZIP of its Source
This has nothing to do with web development, but it just plain cool. The article has a link to the source on GitHub at the bottom.

An explanation of JavaScript’s weird type system
If you’ve ever wondered exactly what lets you do such weird things with types in JavaScript then you need to read this article. It explains several of the really odd ones and should enable you to go and look up why such odd things happen if your specific case isn’t answered.