Article Roundup - Week of Nov 26, 2017

December 01, 2017 • Article Roundup

VS Code Can Do That?
VS Code is an excellent editor, and this site has great tricks I never knew about

Technology Trends for 2017 | Technology Radar
ThoughtWorks has put out their latest edition of their technology radar. They keep an eye on techniques, tools, platforms, languages and frameworks and have a short write up and a rating on how they expect to see things go. These ratings are based around their usage of them as a company, but they provide an interesting insight. Keep in mind they do archive things off the radar once it has reached a point where they don’t see any changes occuring around their assessment.

Web Frameworks: Conclusions
This article compares some of the more popular web frameworks, says what they are best at and in what cases they may be the most useful. Probably one of the better comparisons I’ve seen.

Dynamic import()
Chrome is getting dynamic imports soon (currently in beta) and you can already use them with tools like Babel and Webpack. They let you lazy load modules, which is great when you have a large application and don’t want to load unecessary code.

Deep dive into WebSockets and HTTP/2 with SSE + how to pick the right path
This article provides an overview of HTTP, WebSockets, and HTTP/2. It really gets into the nitty-gritty of the networking which is necessary for their analysis of Server-Side Events.

How I Hacked 40 Websites in 7 minutes
Spoilers: 40 is an exact number; a security issue in one web application lead to getting shell access on a shared hosting environment; an unpatched operating system lead to gaining root access

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