Article Roundup - Week of Dec 3, 2017

December 08, 2017 • Article Roundup

In The Works – Amazon Aurora Serverless
I am very excited about this product; it seems perfect for hobby projects. If you’re already paying $5/mo for somewhere to host your application do you really want to use that machine’s resources for your database too? I’ve had to because I don’t want to add another $5-$10/mo just for a database. I expect this will take care of that need very well.

Microservice Architecture: All the Best Practices You Need to Know
This post is long, but it is worth it. It gives an overview of everything from making the decision to use microservices all the way to implementing them. The article also offers good links to additional resources along the way.

Customer Journey Maps - How to Build One
Journey maps help you map the flow of your application and eliminate paint-points. It also is a useful visualization tool for stakeholders.

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