Article Roundup - Week of Dec 17, 2017

December 22, 2017 • Article Roundup

Speed up Your Node.js App with Native Addons
Node’s optimizer can do a lot, but sometimes writing an algorithm in C++ is better for your application. This article provides a quick overview of how to get started with native addons for Node.

Everything you need to know about HTTP security headers
HTTP headers are not an exciting topic, but this article goes through many of the security headers and explains what they do and why you should use them. It’s worth a read and worth the consideration to add these headers to your application.

Serverless Architecture: Five Design Patterns
Serverless architectures have been gaining a lot of popularity recently, and AWS in particular has been placing more focus on them. This article goes though five popular ways to take advantage of serverless architecture.

HTML 5.2 is now a W3C Recommendation
HTML 5.2 adds a few features, removes some others, and fixes a few bugs. What I am most excited about is the additition of a

element. The browser support isn’t there, but it is a start towards modals being well handled.

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