Article Roundup - Week of Oct 29, 2017

November 03, 2017 • Article Roundup

Impress Your Friends With Code Splitting in React
Webpack can make code splitting very easy, and if you are building a React application with create-react-app webpack has already been setup for you.

HTML Web Component using Vanilla JavaScript – Ayush Gupta – Full Stack Web Developer
This is a nice run through on build Web Components. It’s highlighted in the article, but be aware browser support isn’t there for Web Components and you’ll need a good polyfill to use them for anything real.

How to structure components in React? – Real Life Programming
How you pass properties around can determine a lot about how you build your application, both in React and other frameworks. This just happens to be a react-focused article.

On Node.js, Go and concurrency
In a recent interview the creator of Node.js said a few things about Node that got people talking. The author of this article gives his take on those comments and why he isn’t concerned. I thought this article was a good showcase of how every language isn’t right for every problem.

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