Article Roundup - Week of Nov 5, 2017

November 10, 2017 • Article Roundup

Ten Extras for Great API Documentation
Good APIs and API documentation are hard. This article has suggestions for good API documentation, and I have to agree with it. Most of the APIs I’ve enjoyed using followed these concepts. I’m working on a project with a friend and one service he wants to use has nothing more than a generated Swagger UI page with minimal explanation. I’ve had to guess at so much and I really wish they had followed even half these concepts.

The Art of Comments
I really enjoyed this article. It covers different types of code comments and which ones are truly appropriate and which ones indicate a problem somewhere.

Coding with Clarity
This article is, in many ways, a summary of the book Clean Code or The Pragmatic Programmer. It has a lot of the same high-level concepts and is a good read.

Country Input Type
It’s recently been put forth as an idea to have an HTML input type for selecting a country. At first look it seems great. Selecting counties sucks regardless of interface, and this will at least keep it semi-consistent. But there are a lot of problems with the idea.

What SQL’s Co-Creator Sees in NoSQL
One of the creators of SQL spoke at Couchbase’s conference recently. He’s not against NoSQL, and like of likes the name and feels good about it. This is a summary of his thoughts on NoSQL.

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