Article Roundup - Week of Oct. 1st, 2017

Article Roundup

The Ten Essentials for Good API Documentation
Good API documentation is something that sounds easy in theory, but is actually difficult. How many times have you looked at the documentation for an API and had no idea how to make it perform the action you wanted? This article gives a few things to think about when writing your API documentation.

Scaling Node.js Applications
Node.js uses Google’s V8 engine, and as usual that means the JavaScript is running in a single thread. That means there are limits on how well that Node application will handle concurrent connections. Luckily creating a cluster with one instance of the application running per processor core and load balancing between them is very easy.

2017 Postman Community Report
Postman’s community survey report came out recently. Among their community most developers work with internal private APIs, very few use exclusively public APIs. Those surveyed seemed most excited about microservices, followed by HTTP 2.0, WebSockets, Swagger 3.0, and Serverless Architectures. Oh, and most agreed API documentation is generally terrible and needs to be better. The most popular things to improve API documentation were better standardization, sample code, and better examples.

Essential Image Optimization
Why send more down the wire than you need to? With image optimization you can reduce the size of images without changing the quality in any noticeable way. This is an ebook by Google’s Addy Osmani.