Article Roundup - Week of Sept. 10th 2017

Article Roundup

Making the Google Developers Documentation Style Guide Public
Google has made their style guide for documentation public. While it may not be particularly exciting it does highlight one neglected topic: good documentation. Google’s documentation for all their services has always been fairly good, but it has been getting even better in recent years. I expect this style guide is part of that transformation.

How Not to Break the Guardian Website
The codebase for the Guardian’s website is updated multiple times per day. This article gives an overview of how they keep the site running and prevent their visitors from seeing errors.

Micro Frontends: Extending the Microservice Idea to Frontend Development
A new idea is starting to gain traction: building your frontend like a microservice. The idea is still relatively new, but worth keeping an eye on.

Here’s Why You Should Have a CAA DNS Record for Your HTTPS Website
HTTPS and the SSL certificates it uses depend upon a few trusted companies keeping keys secure and validating domain name ownership. A new DNS record type is available to help with this. The CAA DNS record allows a domain owner to specify which certificate authorities can issue a certificate for that domain. As of September 8th all CAs are supposed to honor those DNS entries.