Article Roundup - Week of Sept. 24, 2017

Article Roundup

On-Demand Environments With Docker and AWS ECS
This is a long article, but it is a step-by-step set of instructions on how to get a docker environment running on AWS with deployments and all. I haven’t tried the steps they go through, but I skimmed the article and it looks very thorough.

Tools and Practices for Documenting Microservices
Documenting a single application well is hard enough, make that an application built with microservices and it can turn into a nightmare. This article presents an idea of how one might best document an application built with microservices, and includes some tools that may be helpful.

The Problems with Redux: Can React, MobX, and Realm save us?
In this article the author takes a good objective look at Redux. I agree with his points for the most part. Redux isn’t right for everything and it does have its complexities. If you use Redux or are thinking about it, this is worth a read.

How to Organize a Large React Application and Make It Scale
I always like seeing how other people organize their source files, I’ve had too many instances where I choose one method and it comes back to bite me. I’m happy to say my latest projects follow the article fairly closely.